salon 70 products

At salon 70 we choose the finest, high-quality products for hair. We carry the Unite and Kenra line. Both lines are ideal for maintaining color, moisture, and shine. Also, our products are organic, sulfate-free, and parben-free.

2011 Fort Worth Weekly Critic's Choice Best Hair Salon


Unite is a premium, boutique line of 29 professional hair care products. The products are 100% Vegan and color-safe. Through rigorous tests and research, Unite has been experiencing extraordinary performance feedback from prestigious salons worldwide. The line is absolutely ideal for Brazilian Blowouts, Extensions, as well as Chemical Straighteners.

The Unite shampoos are sulfate and paraben free. To top it off, the daily shampoos have additional including Moringa seed extract, Botanisil, glycereth, Guar gum, and Hydroxypropyl Methocellulose to enhance color-locking, moisture, thickness, as well as smoothness. There are even specialty shampoos including a blonde toner, a clarifier, and the very popular dry shampoo.

The daily conditioners work with any hairtype, style, haircut, or preference. These daily conditioners are also sulfate and paraben free. They also include special ingredients include Behentrimonium for moisture, Moringa seed extract for color-locking, Botanisil for extra moisture, and a thermal protector. Also, there is an abundance of nourishing vitamins and amino acids to radiate natural health and shine. Unite also has specialty conditioning masques and a leave in conditioner for an extra treat for your hair.

There are quite a few styling products to choose from, from extreme shaping to a fabulous hold. Whether you’re looking for a straightener, curl-booster, volume or some versatility, Unite will not let you down.

Finishing products that achieve any look imaginable. Including workable, strongholding, hair, and an extra strong hold. There are even amazing products to enhance volume, curl, hold, shine, as well as extra texture, without any grease or product build up.


Kenra is made from premium, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and has an SPF in it to protect hair from sunlight damage. There is a product for any type of hair. We have many different shampoos and conditioners, such as the moisturizing, volumnizing, and color maintenance duos. The shampoos are acid-based to match the pH level of hair and skin, which maintains moisture and minimizes skin irritation, as well as containing botanical extracts to provide miraculous shine and fragrance. Kenra conditioners are composed with wheat protein to add moisture and silk protein to repair damaged hair. Also, all styling products are formulated to dry crystal clear on hair, are non-flaking. They’re simple to use and won’t disappoint you in performance.

Kevin Murphy

When searching the world for our ingredients, KEVIN.MURPHY looked for companies that use micro cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure the KEVIN.MURPHY range is of the very highest natural quality. Vitamins and amino acids repair the outer surface of the hair, thickening the hair and reducing the formation of split ends.

Moisturisers from Mango butter and Murumuru butter smooth the cuticles and soften the hair.

Extracts from Peruvian Bark, Baobab, Bamboo and Orange Blossom infuse the hair with weightless moisture. Antioxidants from Kakadu Plum, Orchid, Lotus Flower and Desert Lime reduce breakage and repair chemical damage naturally.

All KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free.